Reporting the news of Acreau and abroad

Election News

The first Presidential election under the new Constitution has begun, with three candidates vying for the top job and the ability to appoint a new Judiciary. Remember to vote in #voting-booth if you are eligble. The Presidential voting period is 48 hours.



Reporting the news of Acreau and abroad

Coup by Former President

On the 16/17th of September, former President KingJulien22 forcibly retook Acreau in the name of peace and order. KingJulien justified his coup with the alleged illegality of the Constitution written by Flerpus and introduced to the public by Former Judge ArinHolmes’ alt. He…

Avari-Red Dwarven relations have improved with a new Non-Aggression Pact signed this month. After over two years of no formal diplomacy, two new Kings, smallEPICplayer and Thulin_IV have declared the formal pact to bring the neighbours closer.

In August 2017, Aventuras and Wille912 signed a Defensive alliance which lapsed by…

Reporting the news of Acreau

The October Election will begin around 0700 UTC on the First of October. Please remember to participate in this election, as every vote counts.

Candidates of the August Election

Annui Naur

The Incumbent Vice President Annui Naur is running for Presidency on the platform of Reform, Revival and Government Transparency and Cooperation…

Reporting the news of Acreau and abroad

Animalist Party Formed

Senator Glaad1234 has created the Original Warmongering Ostriches (OWO) Party to fight for the Ostriches and Emus of the world, and to keep the server active. They also intend to consolidate and create diplomatic relations with other servers. …

Reporting the news of Acreau

Perennial President lands Top Job again

President Arbiter has been appointed President again after Former President Flerpus was impeached after a Mass vote. Flerpus was found guilty of Crimes against the State by a mass vote and the Senate has declared he may not hold any role higher than Senator for…

Reporting the news of Acreau

The September Election has begun and you can vote in #voting-booth.

Campaigning during the voting period is now legal per an E.O.

Candidates of the August Election


The incumbent President Flerpus, otherwise known as The Un-Garbage Man, is rerunning on the same platform of continued Government Reform and Server Revival…

Reporting the news of Acreau

Senators look to allow ‘Limboing’

An Executive Order from President Flerpus to remove limboing has had only one supporter in the Senate, with 2 votes against. The Executive Order declares that a passed bill must be signed by the President within 48 Hours of its passing; If unsigned it is…

Reporting the news of Acreau

Former President Pulls a Trump in Vrass

Former President TheLittleSparty has based his campaign for the President of Parliament of Vrass on a scare campaign on the relationship between Acreau and Vrass. TheLittleSparty was elected President in July, and left the country right after being sworn in. He has recently rejoined Acreau.

Mr TheLittleSparty in Vrass

Acreau Renamed

Reporting the news of Acreau

Election Update

Former Vice President Flerpus has defeated former President Arin for the Presidential Office. The raw results are recorded here.
A̶n̶a̶r̶c̶h̶i̶s̶t̶ ̶P̶a̶r̶t̶y̶ ̶l̶e̶a̶d̶e̶r̶ Senator Blackbird58 has snagged the Senator Speaker role uncontested.

Perennial Vice President lands Top Job

The Progressive Union Party has won a second Presidential election as Flerpus defeated Free…

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